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Do Before Donating, We Beg You

Updated: Feb 5

Please always check with us ( to ensure it's an item we need. Storage space is at a premium!

Before donating, take the condition of the item into consideration. Only donate items that are new, unused, or “gently used,” which means items that are in good condition, clean, and presentable. Do not donate items in disrepair that don't work properly, are missing parts, or are ripped, torn, or stained.

If you can't use the item in its current state, neither can a charity.

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We could not do our outreach without each and every one of you. Please complete the form so we can best match and use your time and resources respectfully!

Check- Mail to PO Box 843 Fowlerville MI 48836 Venmo- @GivingBarnCommunityOutreach As always we thank you for your donations! All donations help make a difference in our communities

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