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The Giving Barn | Mission Statement


The Giving Barn bridges a critical gap in services to families in need by connecting them to  resources that empower them to live a life of dignity.  A unique element of our outreach includes delivery to the homes of the people we serve.

In 2022 we connected with over 500 families in Livingston, Shiawassee, and Ingham counties


The Basics of the Barn
  • Dispel myths about poverty, diversity, mental health, and trauma by providing impactful education 

  • Remove barriers and connecting our families to the appropriate resources

  • Engage with people from a place of acceptance and love

  • Build foundational relationships and connections 

  • Implement an intentional and evolving lens of equity and inclusion to include the LGBTQ+, racial and socioeconomicly diverse, and able-bodied individuals

Linsey's Place


The youth center was created to provide a safe space for the teens in our community to connect and grow. The center is in memory of a beloved educator, Fowlerville high school alumni, family member, friend, and champion for the marginalized, Linsey Ebert; who passed away suddenly in February of 2023.


Our goal is to be a student led, adult-facilitated center that collaborates creatively to meet needs of the teens in our community. The "llama promise" is a personal commitment to love in action by being a voice, pen, and feet for each other; to be the change we want to see in the world. 


Amanda Hart- Co-founder and Director of The Giving Barn since it's inception in 2018. 


One of Amanda's favorite parts of the barn is the unique way the barn is ran.  The ability to meet people in their own homes where they are the most comfortable while providing them with the assistance they need is a critical part of our mission. I love that we elevate as many hurdles we possibly can for those coming to us for help! When not working at The Barn, I am busy working another passion of mine as a social worker helping children in Foster Care. I am a mom of 3 super busy teenage boys! I love advocating for human rights, and bringing awareness to the importance of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.  . 

Heather Hodge is Co-founder  with The Giving Barn since it's inception in 2018.



Heather's favorite part of the barn is when she gets to see a relieved smile on someone’s face that we are delivering to, or read the sense of their relief in their text, that’s there’s one less thing they have to worry about and they can just relax for a little bit, even if it’s only for one day. I live in Fowlerville. I work for Michigan State Biotechnology Institute, in analytical chemistry.

Tonya Defever is a co-founder and has been with The Giving Barn since it’s inception in 2018.


One of Tonya's favorite aspects of working with the Barn is assisting moms in get housing furnished as they come out of domestic violence shelters. She also adores building relationships with Barn families. When she isn’t serving at the Barn, she is a substitute teacher, and mom of six, and grams to one beautiful little girl.


She also loves being artistic and creating pieces to sell for the barn and donate for decor to Barn families

Our Board of Directors

Cherie Eastman

Maddie Hodge

Edith Raven

Beth Anderson

Kristy Placido

Nikki Moskal


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