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Meet The Gals of the Giving Barn | Amanda

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Meet Amanda

What is your favorite memory in your role at The Giving Barn?
My favorite memory revolved around the first family we helped and the whole reason the barn came to be. The young mom wasn't asking for help, she was venting to me as she knew I would provide a safe and confidential "space" for her to share her experience.
I, however, knew we needed to help in some way. I called Tonya and Heather to help this mama in need. And that was the call that ultimately started The Giving Barn! We came thru in a big way to help this mama, providing what was the 1st Christmas this mom was ever able to celebrate with her children, and completely furnish her first apartment- yes we provided material items but we did something more then all that- we gave mom HOPE! And belief that she mattered and things would get better!! What is a myth about poverty you would like to dispel? That those living in poverty are lazy and choose to live this way. What is your super power? Putting the families we serve at ease, making them feel heard and valued. What is the biggest challenge you face in this role? The fact I can't save the world or fix all the problems What is something your community doesn't know? Recently I received my second degree (the first was in Early Childhood Education B.S.) in Social Work (BSW) from Spring Arbor University with a high honors in academic excellence.
In 2023, I will be pursuing my Masters in Social Work.

What compelled you to join the barn? Having a non-profit like The Giving Barn was a dream/vision of mine for 10 years before it came to be.

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